Monday, January 14, 2008

old head monday: no extra smiling

I think alot of kids 25 and younger (at least those that aren't from NY), don't truly appreciate how great funkmaster flex is, and just think he is one of them djs that yell a lot, and if you think that, well, thats when you lost. Flex is dope, always was, and always will be. Peep the fourth of july 90's rap mix above and see what I mean
And here is a nice little party break with a some tasteful michael loops throw in for a good measure (and yes its possible to tastefully use michael shit)
funkmaster flex - c'mon baby
And since Flex dropped Tim Dog's "Fuck Compton", which is something that needs to be played on the radio more often, here is a little of those ultramagnetic magnetic emcees
ultra magnetic mc's - traveling at the speed of light

And of course your daily dose of can
can - bel air

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