Wednesday, January 16, 2008

umm does the kool aid will smith drinks now taste better?

So Will Smith is a scientologist now, ummmmm, yeah I guess he is just a really big fan of shitty science fiction writers, I have a new theory that actors are by far the dumbest people in the world. Listen to tom cruise above and if you can find one thing he says that actually has a coherent meaning behind it I will buy you the first dj jazzy jeff and fresh prince cd and send it to you.

side note how fucking good is jazzy jeff?

Now onto some can tracks
First is dedicated to the creepy tom cruise laugh
can - laugh till you cry

Second is dedicated to the first ever cyborg baby, Suri, and what the hell happened Katie? We had such a good thing when you were little joey potter on the creek. Neither Dawson or pacey would approve of this marriage.
can - little star of betheleham

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