Friday, January 25, 2008

my gf don't limp

Just read an article by Chuck Klosterman on why the Patriots should lose and why that would be more perfect, well perfect in the sense of how people would remember them, in the long run
Klosterman's loss
It's an interesting argument, but its fucking wrong, and only worthwhile on that devil's advocate steez, because no way losing the super bowl would be a greater feat than going undefeated.
can - der dritte mann
Also I think der dritte mann in german means Tom Brady. Where my german drunk and focused fans to back me up? And side note how, ummmmm, what the fuck Tom, I mean its not you and your brother licking oreo cookies but,

And I think this whole Ankle-gate shit is just a elaborate ruse by the Patriots to fuck with the Giants, and also draw any attention away from Moss and onto to Brady. Its fucking genius I tell you. genius.

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