Monday, January 07, 2008

ol head monday

No more random ass monday's, that was only for a couple days in 2007, it's 2008 now so we are bringing out a new feature called ol head monday, and that's when we drop a classic rap and house tracks to appease the old men, and teach the truth to the young blog youth. To start off here is a remix of Aly-Us "follow me track".
aly-us - follow me remix
The remix is a little more dance floor friendly, and a bit harder, which is useful for playing out, but it's no where near as soulful as the original. And since I like the og version better I'll throw up both so y'all can decide for yourself which one you like better.
aly-us- follow me
Now we get to the rap music, and a question does anyone remember the Gavin promo videos, the one I'm thinking of featured videos from the cash money click, king just, a couple southern videos from acts I didn't know, but more than likely also had a shit load of ads in the source, and of course a mic geronimo video, and no not the one of him on the dating show on mtv, which might make Mic Geronimo the godfather of rappers on reality shows so in essence we should thank him for flavor flav's second career, on second thought.....ummm let's just get to mic geronimo shit.

All these tracks are off his first album, and that's because even though I have his second album its pretty weak overall, and not even old heads would want to hear that shit. (Total side rant if B2 still has his Blunt Recordings basketball jersey, and no longer wants it, I' ll take it.)
mic geronimo - master ic (lost boyz remix)
what the hell happened to the lost boyz? I used to love that song about renee, in what the fifth grade? I know one of them died, and then one of them was in that lil kim jump off song, what happened to him?
mic g ft. oc and royal flush - many men
Royal Flush had a great single drop about this same time period, but he's another dude that disappeared.
Now this was the song that got a shit load of yo mtv raps play when it first dropped, and this is the song you thought mic geronimo was going to blow up with, think about he was the dude that put on ja rule, jay z, and dmx, meaning for a time he was a bigger rapper than all three of them combined, but like most rap careers, and reigns on the top, it was short, and we are left to wonder what the hell happened to him.

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