Friday, January 18, 2008

Drunk and Focused Seal of Approval: sponsored by Maddog 2020

Drunk and focused sometime writer F.D. Marcel got some shine for his remix of his bridle beat he made for sage francis over at Sage's strange famous records label website where it got featured as the clip of the week.(For those that don't know his producer alias is Varick Pyr, and he was the man responsible for Bridle beat on sage's first album with Epitaph records) This track also gets the drunk and focused seal of approval which is sponsored by maddog 2020. (and I never realized before this google search that blue raspberry existed, which leads me to wonder how many other wonderfully wonderous flavors of maddog are there out there that I have yet to find.)
Varick pyr's bridled remix
My man destroys that beat, and reworks a sage track into something you can actual dance too, which if you know how the original track sounds is quite the feat.

Now, like your moment of zen, here is another can track
can - pinch

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