Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Do the wu tang

Philly is killing it right now, well music wise at least, cause the phillies and eagles both fucking suck, I am saying boston teams have won about 20 titles since the last philly team won one, then again the boston club scene is wack as fuck unless certified is playing or diplo rolls through town and everyone comes out of the woodwork to dance, otherwise its just a lot of shitty hip hop that says it keeps it real straight 97, das efx real hip hop stand up, and shitty house djs. All shitty house/techno djs are put on blast. We ain't in Ibiza so stop playing such bitch ass music. And that goes double for all you motherfuckers at the red door I'll pull your card to. Djs in this area need to stand the fuck up and stop playing soft shit, nobody wants to hear you imiatate thievery corp anymore, fuck I don't want to hear theivery corp ever again in my life. That shit is so soft its the smirnoff ice of dance music, meaning only bitches enjoy that shit. Anyway off the rant back to the music new shit from trilladelphia (low budget and dirty south joe) called do the wu tang featuring freak nasty and omega
do the wu tang

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