Tuesday, August 01, 2006

My balls hurt mayne they hurt

Allright Evan is playing up this hernia shit like a cross between Willis Reed and Kirk Gibson, I think he just asked barry horowitz for a pat on the back. Dude we get it your balls hurt.

The show starts off showing the three new fresh meat girls hanging out, well the three other than casey, talking about how they have to vote with their partners etc cause they new to the game, aka foreshadowing to the end of the episode where something pops off from this. Anyway wee man err tj lavin starts off the new mission with some bad news and tells coral and evan they to injured to compete and they are going home. Evan gets a little pissed but deep down is the happiest man alive cause his balls hurt a fucking lot and challenges ain't good for his junk. Grown up wee man tells the reminding five teams that the final will now be three and they will all be guranteed money, so basically get to the finals and you get paid bioootchhhh( I pay too short five dollars everytime I say that out of respect).

The mission was some ladder climbing shit into a boat that was suspended above water. Casesy and Wes go first and fail as usual. Big assed tina is next and uses her big ass to finish. Everyone else finishes except for darnell who falls off harder than mc Shan after he heard a song about the south bronx. As usual wes tries to make an alliance that fails miserably, this time with big assed tina. I am saying that ass is ruthless, never trust a big booty and a smile that girl is poison. Derrick and Diem win the mission and Derrick proving he is the dumbest player in the game puts Shane and Linette into the gauntlet which cause tears and tears from diem cause she is homies with linette. The smart move is to put casey and wes in and keep the alliance with them fresh meat broads, but lets remember derrick ain't one of them thinkers. Anyway linette is pissed at diem for backstabbing her and diem crys some more as the show ends.

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