Friday, August 18, 2006

The return of Lemon Red

Ahh the homie varick thought putting up some of them thinking words was gonna sally up drunk and focused, but fuck that dude's words are good and plus I already sallyed this place up nice, teenage melodram what! I am saying the posse is almost back in full effect with en p returning in a couple weeks. I think he is currently camped outside master p's mansion's lawn and keeps knocking on his door every morning to challenge him to a game of one on one basketball. Supposedly lil romeo gives him table scraps so he ain't hungry. B2 the baptist is well I think he is on a mission in Africa trying to convert the heathens or some shit, then he is coming back to put the rest of the posse into rehab, gawd bless his heart.

Anyway with that bidness out the way we got some news on us doing it really big like manute bol on pogo sticks. Anyway we got the return of our good homie Lemon Red satuday September 16th at the red door. For those who don't remember lemon red was my dj podna last summer during the first months of scissor test. Anyway dude is doing big thangs for diplo's mad decent label and turntable lab in NY right now so y'all best better come out and support. Plus its a saturday no more weekday bitch ass excuses for why you didn't come out. More info will be coming soon but be on the lookout for some surprises. Plus this marks the return of Funwrecker and his white gloves. Also new mad decent podcast is up this time dealing with all thangs french and uffie talking about banging, which I like and ain't mad at all. I am all for cute girls talking about fucking these days.
maddecent radio

As for tracks we got some of that new zilla drum and bass shit thats dope, dude keeps on killing it
zilla - argami style

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