Friday, August 11, 2006

the true breakfast of champions

you ain't drunk bitch
8 Ball & MJG ft. Project Pat - Relax and Take Notes
Faust - Untitled II
Mean Joe Green ft. Juvenille - Down Bottom
Brian Eno - 1/2
Can - Oh Yeah
Eat Cloud - Bow'd Brain
United States of America - cloud song
raymond scott - the toy trumpet
trilladelphians - guranteed to go down
aphex twin - heliospan
neu! - sonderangebot
birds - fireburner
dj shadow ft. federation and animaniaks - turf dancing
johnny blaze - black sheep
boom bip - the use of unacceptable colors in nature
trae ft 3 6 mafia, jayton, lil boss, & paul wall - cadillac
boredoms - 2 circles
antithesisters - eddie winslow (remix)
grrrls out of hell - sir francis drake
johnny cash - if you could read my mind

Allright first things first this done here mix was done out of an article serg from beer and rap posted on ohh word about beer drinking, ohh word beer
"I like beer because drinking beer shows dedication and perseverance. Drinking liquor is for bitch ass motherfuckers who can’t commit to drunkness. Doing shots is cute but I’m in this game for the long run. I’m not going to cheat myself by throwing back shots with mall pussy because I know that there is no better sense of accomplishment than waking up on your living room floor with your face a little crusty surrounded by a mountain of empty beer cans that you just destroyed the fuck out of."

Now this is where my and sergio differ. First things first what kind of man takes shots? Us real sippers drink straight from the bottle with no bullshit ice, chaser, or mix for our liquor. Fuck when I drink cheap canadian whiskey, I drink cheap canadian whiskey raw. Shout out to Bret hart.

To me liquor is like fucking without a condom, it just feels right even if you know the consequences and yes just like big baby jesus, ohhh baby I like it raw.

And my homie varick agrees cause when we get our drink on with liquor its straight from the bottle cause we ain't bitches. We gotta realize serg is champ beer drinker but homie is soft when it comes to the hard shit.

Side note drinking whiskey raw also leads to whiskey dick, ie a hard dick that never wants to cum no matter how hot the broad your banging is, this is also known as one of the bad thangs about dranking hard booze.

Anyway serg was on point with most of his assertions about beer drinking and his Coors point cannot be fucked with. But the high life shit is where I question dude. First things first miller light takes like the piss you take after drinking a bunch of miller high lifes, and whose ever choice of beer that is should be shot. That shit is almost as bad as coors light, actually I rather drink cooors than that shit. But the high life is the champ cheap beer. If you want to get drunk off a lot of cheap beer drink that shit, that is unless your a bitch ass motherfucking pussy, then drink michelob or some shit.

Anway here is the drunk and focused guide to hard booze. First things first champs drink whiskey straight. If you order any of those high class scotch or whiskey dranks you best do it straight up or with ice cubes. If you mix the shit you are pussy. Guesse what whiskey is supposed to make you pucker and say goddamn and curse and yell like samuel motherfucking jackson. If you are a pussy drinker go back to smirnoff ices or anything serg is drinking at the time. Hard booze are the marathon of drinking cause to drink them everyday takes a certain type of work ethic, beer drinking is like running the mile where you get drunk quick and then go on coast from there, but hard booze is a marathon where you work your way up to buzz to the point you foget you are running up hills and shit for 26 miles In general if you are worried about the eventual hang over get the fuck out know cause your too much of a sally for this shit.

Vodka is good for when you want to bang a broad. Vodka equals girls panties coming down. I am not sure who invented this rule, maybe too short, but its true. Give a cute broad some vodka and get a camera ready cause this is exactly how girls gone wild was formed. Bitches do stupid shit while drunk on vodka, hell people do stupid shit on vodka, and yes I am looking at your Russia.

Next booze is southern comfort, Ihave never drank souther comfort without blacking out hence I have no idea what southern comfort does other than let me hear second hand a good story out me from the night before that I didn't know I had partaken in.

Tequilla means I am probably gonna fight a dude or two, probaly piss on a girl, and get arrested. Nothing good ever comes from tequilla.

The rest of the hard shit, well fuck it it gets you drunk.

Thus the drunk and focus tthesis is who gives a fuck as long as it gets you drunk. Also this hurr mix was mixed with the guidance of cheap whiskey and maddog 2020, the true breakfast of champions.


Dude Justin said...

fucking amen. i think i've made a steady diet out of high life and whiskey. also, for you, tequila means passing out in a strange bathroom of an apartment complex that you used to live in. just sayin....

beat pervert said...

too mothefuckin che'. I am saying tequilla does strange thangs to me