Thursday, August 10, 2006

The dog days of August

No updates in awhile because your boy beat pervert is away at 10 day grad school residency drinking whiskey cause I am saying MFA's are a beautiful thang. But the whiskey drinking was for research, and was mixed with maddog for a little mixtape project and response to our good beer drinking friend sergio from beer and rap. Now serg is that dude even if he always tells me he wants to fuck me in the ass to watch me cry, but I think its really cause I am that goddamn handsome. In fact I think I should start selling a lit a bit of my handsome in a bottle on ebay for all the ugly people in the world. But as usual in the meantime I got you covered first things first go to Beer and rap and order Hard As Fuck Vol. 2 mixed by dj B Cause. I have been bumping this shit in my ride (99 Dodge Caravan with stock speakers motherfucker, hand on the grey plastic wheel, with a horn that don't work for beeeping at the boppers on the side of the road) since the homie sent it out to me. Plus serg was gracious enough to put up vol.1 for all you sallies to dl as well. So hit that shit up and get the bitch out of your system.

Another mix y'all should be snatching up is my man from oversea's and the dude that gets the slags panties in a bunch, prime minister Buddy motherfucking Peace. He just did a new mix for that got my man Evaredy in a hizzy, dude was raving about it and done agree. Buddy peace is a mixtape messiah that needs to get over to the states soon with Zilla to bless us yanks with that proverbial hot shit.
buddy motherfucking peace

Also that mix I promised y'all a motherfucking week ago is finally finished. Its the official Tuesday Scissor Test soundtrack to a blackout mix and for all y'all that don't live in the live free or die state thats my weekly I run on tuesdays. Its a night of live music and this dude djing where I play everything from noise rock to r kelly, well I never played R Kelly that was just when Lemon Red djed with me last summer before dude got big time and moved out to NY to work for Mad Decent and turntablelab, side note big ups to Nels for that, dude is of the nicest folks in the world and has a grind game that is next level. If you want to catch up with him while his blog is on hiatus hit up the boston phoenix tour blog for a recap of the mad decent tour and jesus is riding with mad decent? Side note I have a serial crush on marina, y'all just keep that quiet though cause my girl would kill me.

Allright next update will be the promised new mix over an hour of kraut rock, noise rock, ambient shit, hard rap music that will punch you in the face, b-more club, and more and all mixed under the influence of whiskey, maddog, and a whole lotta weed like my mayne project pat would say.

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