Monday, November 21, 2005

Hooked on rock 'n' roll phonics Pt. 1

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Justin and I play bass for rock icons, The Antithesisters. (Look for us on myspace....self-promotion....wheeee!) I also play various instruments for about 17 other bands. All of which you will be seeing on MTV as soon as we get our shit together and sell out.
Now that I'm on a break from The Antithesisters' illustrious world-wide tour, I figured I'd drop by Drunk and Focused to bring you a hefty dose of 60's garage/psych music (I'm nothing if not a benevolent soul.) That's right! Psych rock awesomeness straight from my own private stash! In alphabetical order!! Because I know the alphabet! Mostly! This week: 13 - H. (Where I come from, 13 is the first letter.)

First up: Thru the Rhythm by 13th Floor Elevators. They had a fucking electric JUG player!! Do you realize how awesome that is?!? Best thing to ever come out of Texas, these guys.

Next: Hoy Todo el Hielo en la Ciudad by Almendra. Argentinian Beatlesy psych doesn't get any better than this. Christ....hardly ANY Beatlesy psych gets better than this! Not even The Beatles' Beatlesy psych!

Now this one: Hot Smoke and Sasafrass by Bubble Puppy. This song contains quite possibly the greatest guitar solo ever put to tape. Go ahead, prove me wrong! And just look at these fruits! There's no way a band can dress like that and NOT play kick-ass rock 'n' roll! This song rips!

After that previous one: Electricity by Captain Beefheart. One word: fucking theremin, bitches. Also, I heard somewhere that the Captian broke a few condenser mics recording the vocals for this song. It's THAT good!

And don't forget: The Madman Running Through the Fields by Dantalion's Chariot. Ok....I'm cheating and this one's on Nuggets II. Who cares?? It's a damn fine song! Stop yelling at me!

Coming soon to a theatre near you: Wind-up Toys by The Electric Prunes. Yeah, I know they have a pretty stupid name. They're good....believe me.

Nevermind the bollocks, here's: Mud in Your Eye by Fleur de Lys. Yes, this one's on Nuggets II, too. So what?? Is this YOUR post?? No! It isn't!

Stop in the name of: Com Medo, Com Pedro by Gal Costa. I realize that this should be under C, but work with me here. Gal Costa is the funky psych diva from those Os Mutantes fellows (which we'll get to later.) Dig that funky wah guitar.

Finally the finale (for now): Too Fortiche by Pierre Henry. This man is mostly known for his musique concrete pieces, but he put out a pretty rad electronicy, dancy psych album in the late 60's . This is from that album (duh.)

Well, I guess that wraps things up for now. The next installment will bring you artists such as: The Kinks! Motley Crue! and The Pretty Things! So, stay tuned.....and stay off the dope. Also, it was a pleasure meeting all of you...except you. Yes, you.


Dude Justin said...

someone comment and tell me if i should post parts 2 & 3 or not. because if no one really cares about this shit, i won't bother.

Zach said...

Yes, post 2 and 3....but if you get to L and you post something along the lines of, say, Zeppelin instead of something like, uh, Liquid Smoke I will lose a ton of respect for you.