Tuesday, November 29, 2005

We back with some banana red ya heard

Yeah yeah we took a long holiday we had to go on an overnight drunk and 10 days later (or how ever hell many days since our last post, fuck math I was English major thus why have a maddog habit) and 7 dead sharks later were back better than ever. That's right we are even more drunk and focused than ever. For our truimphant return I have brought along a little friend we call Maddog 2020 named Banana red. Banana Red reminds me of the new Cham albulm called Sound of Revenge because it is the banana red of the maddog world. Sure its a little rough and at times absolutely banging but in the end it leaves a little to be desired and its a little bit too fruity to be on the red grape level that is say project pat. I am saying whats with all the fucking singing. Is that nate dogg on every damn chorus, seriously I thought Cham was supposed to be the hardest motherfucker coming out of houston and half the albulm is ruined by singing. Hell don't forget what happens to rappers that sing they end up looking like this in a couple years.

Fuck singing, r and b is the smirnoff ice of the drink world and we all know smirnoff ice is for pussies. Overall if the albulm was just these tracks I would say it was on blumpkin level on the drunk focused rating scale but overall its more like a boney alligator. A boney alligator for y'all is a handjob, but where the chick uses some sort of pumice type handsoap as a lubricant, and she more or less just throws it around like a thrashing alligator. It's more or less for the pain fetish folks out there. But anyway here's the tracks that actually bump and get the maddog seal of approval

In the Trunk


Southern Takeover ft. Killer Mike and Pastor troy

No Snitchin

Next up we have the bun b mixtape by rapid ric called King of the trill. This shit did not leave my headphones all of thankgiving break. First off its Bun B who would be the king of the south if scarface ever handed over his title. But on a side note can we fucking finally free pimp c? I don't need every bun b song I hear telling me about this shit, yes I know you want free pimp c freed. Hell I want a blow job from every black girl in a dirty south video I see, and these are things you got to wait for.

Bun B over stay fly aka my answering machine message for my cell phone Fuck it this just inspired my first drunk and focused contest I will leave my cell phone number 603-289-7739 and anyone who leaves me a good away message will be featured on my next mixtape.

Bun B over some 80's track I think is Roxannae but me be too drunk to say for sure

Bun B over Real Motherphuckin G's Which leads to the question of come on whose more homo 50 in the above pic or dre on the cover of eazy e's diss albulm with a stethoscope and in makeup? This mixtape I definately recommend.

Lastly we have a wow I am high is this Higher Learning?

This movie thoroughly disapoints the myth you have of it at 13 years old. But luckily it does have Omar Epps in it. Which leads us to to the three songs Omar Epps get trill to.

Number one

Lil wayne - Recipt
Lets be honest Omar Epps love reciepts so he can guerrila pimp his girl and be like bitch I just bought you some oj, and the good kind the shit with pulp, yeah you damn right I deserve a blow job!

The Team - Go Patron
People love Omar Epps, I mean who wouldn't by this dude a drink? So here is a shoutout to all the fellow bar patrons who have bought Omar Epps a drink over the ages.

Biggie - Party and Bullshit
This last song is a shout our from Omar to Funwrecker for calling beat pervert out on playing Biggie at the Frozen Turkey showdown during a supposed rock set. I am saying that biggie song totally mixed into radiohead so the emo girls were not going anywhere.


arghlene said...

Fiddy looks like a total homoxual

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