Tuesday, November 22, 2005

I got frozen turkeys around my neck worth more than your house

What do you get when you combine Paul Wall's grill with this

You got it a Frozen Turkey.

Frozen Turkey is the thaksgiving jam I am throwing for my weekly tuesday scissor test and as a special thanksgiving day treat we got the truimphant return of Lemon Red from Brooklyn. You know frozen turkey like a turkey draped all up in diamonds (and plus its pre thanksgiving jam so most turkeys are still frozen, yeah thats right we be so focused were working on multiple levels) We also be playing all that hot shit from cough syrup hop, go dumb yay shit, b-more club, electro, rock and a whole hell of a lot more. And as some added gravy at 8 we have Who Killed the Red Baron playing live straight from there Eastern Europe tour. And for the dude justin groupies out there Who Killed the Red Baron features justin's band the antithesisters and few other characters. So come out to rock and then stick around to get all sweaty like a tukey on 3 fiddy in the oven.

Also look out for the dude with the whistle and white gloves the kids call him funwrecker I think


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