Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Tito Santana Surfs the Internet

Drunk and Focused know you people in cyberspace are lazy and want links so you don't have to do the work of searching for dumb shit like the joy that is looking at biker fox in spandex, so we are gonna make it easy for you with a little thing we call Tito Santana Surfs the Internet!

Tito Santana would like to say ARRIBBBAAAA!!!!

Tito's first link is to lemon red's site Lemon Red Here you can find a really nice mix from benzi and can download dj eleven' s houston rocks mixtape this mix even gets the koko b. ware seal of approval. Also of note lemon red is making his truimphant return to the tuesday scissor test next week djing with that beat pervert for a thanksgiving throwdown more on that in the coming days. ARRIBBBBAAA!!!!!!!

Next is Serg calling out all you lame opening acts for not stepping up your game and coming correct I hate opening Acts ARRIBBBAAA!!!!!!!

Delonte West is an animal on the court but dudes diary is a litle too tom cruise for my liking " Then I’m going to get a pair of the sunglasses that Dwayne Wayne wore in the show “A Different World” and visit ever state in the country on a moped wearing nothing but the ring, those sunglasses and a pair of Chuck Taylors with the inscription “What Would Jesus Do?” written on the sides. I’m serious!" Even Tito santana thinks his diary is a little suspect and that dude wore a matador's outfit, ain't that right tito.

Next we have jesus cussing in honor of delonte west. What it do jesus what it dotito santana stole the link from emynd so go visit his site here skitzophrenic tenant because he always comes correct. ARRRRIBBBAAAAA!!!!!

This post was written by beat pervert's weed carriers (you know the drunk and focused posse) tito santana and koko b. ware and ghostwritten by judy blume because beat pervert drank too much whisky last night


arghlene said...

I done created my own blog and shit

Brendan said...

Nice to see you've got a blog. Let me know if you're ever down in nyc again.

Brendan said...

Anyway you can repost that mix of yours.