Friday, November 04, 2005

Next is Richards Wild irish Rose

If Wild Irish Rose was an mtv show it would be Next. Yes Next the horrible yet fucking great dating show on mtv. I am positive the producers of this show do this as an eloborate trick to see how much they can show what complete jackasses these kids are, and yes I am talking about my g-gg--gg-ggg eneration (fuck you roger daltry and your goddamn stutter, you even probaly even have a special handicapped parking space and can shit in the handicapped persons stall because your just ta-ttt-ttt-alking about toodday junior). its almost as great as date my mom where girls whore off their mother to win a staged date with some douchebag, hell I read on the internet one mom even gave a dude a blumpkin to date her daughter, just saying what I heard. So we are saying next to maddog on this post and bringing in the irish wild rose for five songs.

First we have keak da sneak featuring turf talk in a track called 3 Freaks. This shit is what them bay kids call hyphy, I used that slang around my way and motherfuckers think I am using slang for a hyphenation. I am saying this shit is straight fresh, hell I'd get stoopid to this track. And for you nerds out there that hate to dance dj shadow produced the track so you can like it without losing your nerd cred.
Keak da Sneak - 3 freaks

Next up is a track the drunk and focused posse are really feeling these days when they are not sober, ie after a bottle of Irish Rose.
lil wayne - fireman

Whats better than geting drunk and dancing to the sweet dreams song?(minus the whole if I think annie lennox is hot does that make me think david bowie is hot train of thought) Dancing to the sweet dreams song while david banner and lil flip rap over it. I play this alot when I dj out to make yuppies feel uncomfortable. They usually have the jason bateman pyshco face on by the end of the song or they are too drunk to realize annie lexxon wasn't just rapping about how that other dude in the band doesn't have her money which she is all about.
david banner and lil flip - bout our money

Next is a merangue mix of Lil jon's get low. Hey blaime all these choices on WIld Irish Rose and Judy Blume.
lil jon - Get Low(merangue remix)

Last is for my emo girls. Hey dude if your emo your considered a girl, so yes "Hey emo girls" includes all sexes. Here is the Smiths' Charming Man. If this was a next episode this would be the kind of ugly emo girl who despises mtv yet would still do anything to be on it (think about this Real World's Lacey as an example) only to be nexted in the first minute would listen to. Also as a side note this will impress the average suicide girl, so emo dudes get your download on and you might even get laid this weekend.
smiths- charming man

And here's a special bonus track to tie this whole post together for those who got the roger daltry curb your enthusasim reference
low budget- crazy eyes killah

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