Monday, November 21, 2005

the weekend hangover presents Talib Kweli Hates White People

Here is the weekend wrap up for the masses. If you haven't noticed we are more drunk and focused than ever (I am saying there is nothing wrong with a maddog for breakfast, I think blackalicious taught me that before that got lame and neo soul(side note to a side note what the fuck is lamer than neo soul? Neo Soul is like goth music for black people, but that is only enjoyed by white hippies and frat kids)

First off for the record nerds should be hard as hell right now with that dude justin's first post. (what you think he was gonna come soft his first post huh, get the fuck off that bullshit, dude is schooling the masses on that pysche/garage rock) First off for the hangover we be on some party and bullshit shit ya heard. Thats right tomorrow my weekly Tuesday Scissor Test is jumping off with the truimphant return of Brooklyn's finest Lemon Red for a thanksgiving throwdown party called Frozen Turkey. (also suprise live performace early from dude justin and his posse! rock music yall) You know we got frozen turkeys draped around our neck thats worth more than your house. Thats right me and lemon red are providing you kids with the best in cough syrup hop, dip set pop, go dumb yay shit, b-more club (At least I am playing that lemon red hates watching out for the big girl (well he likes that song just not b-more in general), brazilian shit on blast, 80's music to get 30 year old jawns naked too, and everything from electro to pyche to dance rock for the suicide girls. Now as an added bonus I will put up shit you kids can dance to. All these blends were down with that dude Evaredy off our first mixtape from spring 2004 and a session we had in late spring 2005 (he's my mixtape podna and we'll be playing live together again soon enough, a side note new mixes will up as soon as my laptop decides it wants to record and not hate me, another side note some of these remixes(white people call them mash ups because they are retarded) were featured on somanyshrimp before but I don't gives a fuck)

lil flip - game over versus lil scrappy -head bussa

young bludz ft. young buck - datz me and mike jones - still tippin

" I hate crackers" dead prez - hip hop and lil wayne - go dj

Dre and Snoop - Next Episode and Kardinal Offinshall - Belly Dancer

G-unit - Stunt 101 and that bitch ass Phil Collins

Clipse - Whens the Last Time and Human League - Human

this is strictly for the nh white girls outkast - roses and usher - yeah

Trick daddy - luh da kids versus missy elliot - pass the dutch

This is or the heads that like zoolander its nas's baby mamma Kelis wit milkshake over "damn beat perverts is as handsome as male model for real I am not even gay, dude is just that good looking" Frankie Goes to Hollywood's -Relax

Last is a blend I think got me banned from a club. Basically what happened is they wanted me to do an underground hip hop night and not attract what people call the dead prez crowd (i.e. black people, what did I say that, I meant they wanted underground rap music you can't dance too so they wouldn't attract a hip hop crowd, wow I feel better clarifying that, don't fire me please I am broke) This song, plus the fact I was drunk as hell and figured dancing with a girl that worked there during my dj set was a good idea, (dj evaredy was handlin things at the time ) got me exiled from certain club why because evaredy had shit on lock and played this blend. But fuck that nore is good to dance to so I will give you the track and I don't care what mos def says ( side note dude stick to acting, the highlight of your career was when you were featured on big brother beat with de la and foolishly convinced me you were going be the best rapper out, yes I am bitter (anyone else notice the blackstar hating theme of this post?) Side note the club is named Dover Soul and if you ever in Dover, NH go there and say fuck you for not having Beat Pervert spin, that dumb white boy is broke and needs the extra money to buy records and weed and shit.

Nore versus Nore _ Superthug and nuttin

So yeah this tuesday we gonna being partying and bullshitting all night long ya head.

Lastly we leave you with some david banner shit, because banner can't do wrong,(anyone else catch him doing the bass test for adult swim? How much longer before doom is rapping over banner beats and every hipster in America is rocking out to Might Getcha?) Dude is that good. But when I heard he was doing a song with Talib Kweli and Dead Prez I was a little suspect. Not so much about dead prez because they are always good for some I hate whitey shit but talib scares me because its talib kweli. For those who don't know talib kweli is the white persons choice for music when they want something a little harder than the latest dave mathews band song. Secondly I don't think any black person actually owns a talib kweli albulm. His neo soul I preach I am smart rapper when I am not gimmick only works on dumb frat kids and hippie chicks. And honestly if that was my fanbase I would hate them too. Believe me I know white people, other than my great grandfather banging a whte chick (He's cherokee say wha HOooooooo!!!!! (yes he loved hacksaw jim duggan too) I have a lot of white pigment in my skin. Plus I grew up in the 603, the live free or die state for white folks. So if anybody should hate white folks its me (you don't understand how many times growing up I had to hear you like rap music? Ummm don't you know your pale skinned so go buy the new green day albulm.) And my response is fuck you Ice Cube( before he became a movie star(cough: fell off Cough) told me to hate you people (I miss old Ice Cube). So I guesse talib is trying to cash in being mentioned in a jay z track and actually attract an audience. But last time I checked black people don't like talib kweli.

Banner ft. dead prez and talib - Ridin

Also White people are now on blast for hackey sacks, sandals, and not being able to dance. You are like bears you need to be stopped.

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