Monday, February 13, 2006

Calm down there are some honkies here tonite

Too much snow, too much vodka, and too many broken beer bottles being hurled at me, but through the broke glass your prodigal dude has returned more focused and drunk than ever. And yes we say this every time we leave you for a bit, but its like when a dude takes a random trip to las vegas and comes back smelling like whiskey and whore, and then says but baby I only love you, and I won 10,000 grand at the blackjack table so whose getting a blowjob tonite? That's right my john thomas(and yes that is a reference to Sex and the City which equals drunk and focused has become straight brokeback since we been gone.)

First things first its cold which means I want two things in life now more than anything: booty and sunlight. In honor to get that fix I am gonna post some of that two live crew so the girls can shake their booty in mittens and woollies, yes just mittens and woollies.
Doo Wah Diddy

Next up is some of that favela funk that K Fed tried to Pat Boone into a hit. Now we all now I am a big fan of this shit and will always sneak it into my sets while djing so here is a new track from Bonde de role off of Diplo's Mad Decent label. The new single drops this month and you should definitely pick it up, but I am gonna lace the loyal fans of drunk and focused with this track because well it has the same sample as the 2 live crew jawn and shit is as dope as having naked scarlets on the cover of vanity fair.
funk da esfiha

Next is a track that gets me dumb hype, its like some carnival shit or something, but its fucking dope. This shit is reggaetone on adderrol
Shurwayne Winchester - Dead or Alive (road mix)

Apparently if you do a blog and post mp3s you need to say how great lupe fiasco is cause the internet says he is now the truth. I am still on the fence on him since I haven't heard anything mindblowing from him yet to justify the hype. But before I start sipping on the hater-aid here is the first track I heard from lupe fiasco, and to be honest this shit that makes me think he can make a rap albulm with 3 tracks I absolutely love and a bunch of shit that is complete garbage. I am actually looking forward to it, and the chance to buy the single if nothing else.
Lupe ft Jay z - sitting sideways remix

BG and Manny fresh back together I like. Does this mean BG is finally off Koch records and back with cash money or at least a label thats not a glorified indy label? Side note anybody know where I can find that disco d ghetto tech track of the bg hottest of the hot track?
BG and Manny being Manny

Lastly before my computer began to be as busted as LeWanda from In Living Color, I was working on a new mix, and which is just waiting for shit to be fixed so I can record. Because I love all of you I will leave you with a mix I did a little over a year ago when the snow was falling and I was pining for the joy that is girls in biker shorts. This is like an appetizer for what's coming up and plus its good to smoke weed and cool out and listen to.
What you think all the guns were for?

biggie - warning
radiohead - stand up sit down (inhumanz remix)
bjork - army of one (remix)
atmopshere - free or dub
toots & the maytals - 54-46
subtle - FKO (remix)
daedelus - something bells (remix)

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