Monday, February 27, 2006

Sneakers on the wire

Shit I slept on Flavor of Love, that shit is pure genious. Hell what's better than watching the former chuck d side kick, and part time pookie, flavor flav make decent looking broads pimp themselves off to him, culminating in one of the most entertaining reality moments of all time when the crazy white girl named pumpkin, you know the one that hooked up with flav in a shower, flipped out when she didn't receive a clock because flav was upset she was a regular on the reality tv show circuit, which proved to him she wasn't true about her love for flav. Before she left pumpkin spit on the crazy ass bitch known as New York, resulting in a near brawl of titties and fake hair weaves. This is why I watch tv, its like being able to laugh at retards without feeling a little bit bad about it. In honor of flavor flav here is a bunch of rap and the like not, music that you can get truly dumb too and maybe fight a broad or two for the love of a dude who loves crack and the girl from Rocky IV more than he would ever love you.

First up is a new mix from Mad Decent's Diplo featuring the finest in that b more gutta music with b-more versions of the beatles, mr postman, the muppet theme, busta rhymes, super mario brothers and more

mad decent goes to baltimore and doesn't get stole

Next in honor of all the trappers that have sold flav some of that good shit, here is some of that notorious big shit (and no not that duets bullshit which is wack on at least five different levels)
Biggie Smalls - Ten Crack Commandments

Now here is assorted grab bag of rap tunes for the kids
BG and Manny Fresh - Move around

People Under The Stairs ft. Murs - pulp fiction

radioinactive and anti mc - moving truck

Concluding with a b-more club remix of Ti's What you know

TI - What you know (b-more remix)

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Fashion said...

nice post....Same thing happen to me nike sneakers where found on the telephone wire one month back...i was surprised to see them