Tuesday, February 14, 2006

cat fight...cat fight...cat fight...50 cent?

Okay the gauntlet is back and as average as ever. The mission this week was kinda like a tug of war, were basically each team had to hold up the other half their team who were hanging on a beam above water. Side not MJ and Landon both have matching tattoos, ummm, ummm, ummm, (should I go there?) ummm (I have to) holy shit is that shit fucking straight brokeback. Anyway long mission short the veterans finally win. Kina picks my new favorite cast member I have seen naked Cara as her competitor while Susi, who has just experimented with muff diving with cara and now they are best friends and not 'fuck" buddies, gets all emotional cause she is losing her hook up buddy. The mission as always is captains choice, my roommate is convinced this is staged every week because it is always captains choice, anyway kina pics a coconut brawl. First things first regardless how evil is kina? I mean does anybody realize how whipped her bf is? In fact I don't know his name other than kina's bitch. Seriously how good is that pussy? I mean kina is fine, but dude is all for her to the point i think he doesn't have a penis anymore. Nobody should ever be that much of a bitch for a reality broad cause when the camera stops rolling we all know what happens. Anyway kina crushes cara 5- 0 and at the end titties almost come out. Kina goes straight wwe and tries to pull off cara's shirt leading her to drop the last coconut to ensure kina the shut out win. I am saying I was rooting for titties to fly out and pussy everywhere.

Anyway cara is gone and next week the demise of the greatest gauntlet player in the history of the game is witness cause mtv hate's black people and the greatest player of all time Alton

Allright here is some new 50 cent for the mtv crowd, and its like last nights gauntlet, average as hell and probaly loved by all girls that just turned 13.
50 - pimp 2

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