Tuesday, February 28, 2006

BIATCHHHH....Blow the whistle

Things that are not disappointing the new Too Short single "Blow ur whistle." Things that are thoroughly disappointing last night's gauntlet which featured too short's favorite word, and the only word to describe beth, biatcch, bitching out in the gauntlet. But anyway before we get to that there was a challenge to have two people climb up a ladder on opposite ends, and then go on a platform where their is a rope and each person has to climb over the platform, which moved depending people's body weight, and go down the opposite side to the water, and swim to the side to complete the mission. Beth isn't eve able to climb up the ladder but still at the end of the mission, the rookies thought that they had lost it and cunty ass kina was all set for the gauntlet and going against ibis. Than the swerve happened and the rookies find out they actually had won, leaving the veterans to rejoice because that meant beth would be going to the gauntlet. They vote in aneesa, a cross between wesley snipes in demolition man and grace jones, to a gauntlet is beach brawl, which makes aneesa very , very happy, we're talking leaping and up and clicking heels happy like plug 2 from de la soul in the stakes is high video.

The gauntlet begins as grown up wee man, TJ Lavin, tells the rules of the brawl before Beth declares beach brawl is not dignified enough for her so she won't participate. This gets a what the fuck? This is a 14 year veteran of reality tv star that's older than bret farve and makes her money doing rr/rw challenges and playboy, but a beach brawl gauntlet is not dignified enough for her? Ummmm that's like a porn star saying she won't let a guy cum on her face after she had just participated in a scene with DVDA (double anal and double vagina). That porn star is beth and she is a biiaaaaatchhhhh!!!!! No for something good here is a new too short track called "Blow Your whistle."

too short - blow ur whistle

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