Monday, February 20, 2006

fuck jam bands

The prodigal son of drunk and focused has returned, rejoice in the name of Jesus! Anyway while I was gone (Road trip to New Jersey, NYC, and bowling with jesus) the drunk and focused posse added some new members to our gang including my personal weed carrier En P for the tiger beat crowd, and that weirdo from my old chess club clique(none of y'all know about chess club) and writer, producer, dude who loves to harlem shake varick pyr. When Varick ain't drunk you can find him producing for Sage Francis and wooing girls that make suicide girls seem sane. I did a mix last spring which featured his remix of Sage francis - threewrite (Amelie on Blast)and for your listening pleasure here it is (and for the dorks who like my mixes, this mix eventually transformed into the suicide kid mix where you can find here orange jubillee for breakfast )

I loved you Ho
Sage Francis - Threewrite (tunnels of Paris Remix)
blackalicious - 40 oz. for breakfast
atmosphere - god's bathroom floor
McNeal and Niles - one slave. one gun
diplo - works
pink floyd - several furry animals grooving
squarepusher - venus 17 (acid remix)

Anyway while I was gone my weekly Tuesday Scissor Test got an article featured on it
Let there be monsters at the Scissor Test I hear
Which means my cult following is getting larger, I am saying Kool Aid for everyone. Side note shout out to lemon red who was one of the orginal Scissor Test Homies back from the beginning and is now killing it in NyC eating shrimp at the turntable lab complex and their new blog
go stupid with the lab

The best unintentional Comedy of 2006 was last night as the NBA All Stars danced to an intro with the Houston orchestra playing the classics such as eminem, and ozzy osbourne (or for the tiger beat crowd that trick daddy song). First the east was just kinda awkward, it was like soul train if they only featured on the token fat white girl who couldn't dance (a staple on USA"s dance party, I am saying the camera always found the awkward fat white girl) This why dudes just lean back, remember Bron Bron, Jordan would have just leaned back. But that was nothing compared to the electric siide/buggaloo that the west team did that ended with the most awkward dance movement from a 7'6 Chinese man ever. In the words of the sports guy, "I love this game."

More updates coming today! Why because beat pervert loves all of you.

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