Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Party and Bullshit

The gauntlet opens with some drankin and partying and then they show Jeremy crying about how everyone gets drunk and he doesn't. (which in return makes him the favorite character of b2 the baptist no brokeback?) Which foreshadows he is going to the gauntlet because its the first time the show has said a damn thang about him this season. The mission was crawling through tires that were suspended above water, and each time a member went through, one tire was let go. The veterans start off and everyone's favorite 36 year old is just beth being beth and quits after about two tires in. The rest of the veterans make it through and the rookies are up. Ibis goes first and has way too much booty for this and falls off. The rest of the rookies make it, which leads alton left to tie it up. And suprisingly alton falls off and the rookies lose. Yes Alton fell off, I know it was like big papi david ortiz not coming through in the clutch, rocky loosing to a filthy commy or hulk hogan losing to the Iragi sgt. slaughter.

It was a male gauntlet and Alton of course picked Jeremy, who was surprisingly shocked. Ummm your the smallest one left homie, nobody really knows or cares about you, and your about to get destroyed by Alton in the gauntlet. The gauntlet was capture the flag and Jeremy knew he had lost before it started. Alton climbs to the top and grabs the flag before the dude who don't like the drank is half way up. Proving Alton might stumble but he will never fall off.

Now onto some music the Streets have a single thats ummm not bad? I don't know I am on the fence with this, I don't hate it but I don't love it either, kinda like his whole last albulm. Anyway judge for yourself
streets - when I wasn't famous

Next Camron's b-day is coming up or just happened, either way I heard he was having a party sunday. Side rant what the fuck happened to ny radio? Holy shit is hot 97 and power whatever are fucking wack now. Shit since when does ny only listen to the pink panther jam, dem franchise boyz, and nelly's grillz? I fucking heard all those songs at least three times in 4o minute drive back and forth from nyc. What the fuck do you guys listen to for radio in NY? Can somebody tell me a good station.
But anyway here is the bird call remix with JR. Dip fans will love it, hipsters will be unsure whether this is a cam song they should like or hate, and will wait for pitchfork to write a 500 word essay on the origins of the term bird call with a works cited page and then decide if its ironic enough to still like camron. My take its middle of the road, no get em girls, but solid albulm filler I won't skip if listening to. I still think JR is overrated though and he is all over this track.
bird call remix

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