Tuesday, February 14, 2006

New Rap Music

Short introduction because I’m here to post music - not ramble; I’ll leave that to the drunks. I’ve been called to Drunk and Focused to attract the 13 year old female crowd. Apparently this blog was lacking a teeny bopper crowd. I hope to fix that.

I was listening to JAMN’ 94.5 (Boston’s commercial Rap and R&B station) the other night when DJ Gee Spin mentioned he was going to play Mobb Deep’s new song “Put them in Their Place.” I had already heard this song on a G-Unit mix tape I downloaded and I thought the song was fucking dope. It makes me want to rob a liquor store and then beat the shit out of a frat kid. Anyhow, “Gee Spin” started talking shit about the MOBB and how they were “riding on 50’s dick.” (Due to their signing with G-Unit in 2005) Fuck this guy. His blends suck and he has a gay voice, Prodigy should take his new private jet to Boston and fuck him up. People are pissed Mobb signed to G-Unit like they’re going to change or something. Even on their radio hit with 50, “Outta Control” Prodigy and Havoc couldn’t help themselves from making comments about killing people and carrying guns into the club. Yah, the Mobb is happy and proud of their new found fortune and they can call themselves whatever the fuck they want (Hollywood Hav and V.I.P) as long as they still make me want to want to beat the shit out of fake tanned kids wearing shell necklaces and sandals in the middle of the winter.

Well, here’s the new single, you decide what you think. The album titled ‘Blood Money’ drops on G-Unit records on March 21.

Mobb Deep – “Put them in their Place”

“I got weed, hash- when I breeze past, breathe fast, eat ass on point like Steve Nash” Yes, Killa Cam is back. This song has that typical Dipset production, you know what I’m talking about. I believe this is his new single from his upcoming album ‘Killa Season’ which drops sometime in 2006. With his new beef with Jay and his new wardrobe Cam is sure to attract some 14 year old sluts with this one.

Cam’ Ron – “Get ‘Em Daddy”

After blowing up in the South and then experiencing commercial success rapper T.I. is still bringing the heat. This is his new single off his upcoming album which comes out sometime in 2006. Even though my friend Michael swears it sounds exactly like 36 Mafia’s “Stay Fly” I still enjoy it and you can too.

T.I. – “What you Know”

- En P

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