Wednesday, May 24, 2006

music for children and or strippers

New podcast is up featuring music for children and or strippers, otherwise known as people trick daddy luhs.
beat kids

boards of canada- constants are changing
d mite - read a book
united states of America - the american metaphysical circus
gnarls barkley - crazy (tittsworth remix)
eat cloud - synth poop
raymond scott - night and day
rod lee - tic toc
dj technics - dick like a new jack
boredoms - zutto
simply saucers - here comes the cyborgs (part 2)
sole - I can't Stand
autechre - autumn acid (aphex twin remix)


Anonymous said...

that link doesn't work...

jackie maldonado said...

the song suggestions made my hips start to jump and jumble and in my head i was back on stage stripping for the crowd. thanks for the fantasy flashback. i'm now the hottest nanny in westchester and nice girls don't do things like that. (DANCE LIKE THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) rofl, Jackie

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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