Monday, May 15, 2006

Steele Reserve and Rain...a lot of fucking rain

Out here in the beautiful Live free or die state it won't stop fucking raining. I don't think the sun exists anymore and everything is flooding, dams are breaking and damnit I get as wet as your girl when see's me (an official rainy day ZIING) when I go outside. (side note the drunk and focused official zing is a horrible joke/pun whatever that is so bad you have to laugh) So I figured on this rainy night I will give you the drunk and focused guide to rainy days sponsored by Steel Reserve which gets the serg dun approval of tasting like "pee and rainwater."

Starting thangs off we have a b cause remix of the federation "what if I had a gun."
what if I had a gun (b cause disco edit/blend)
And speaking of guns I would use it to jack the sun from mother nature. Anyway this remix is dope, b cause and ross hogg always represent the bay area hard and put in that extra work in their blends, mixtapes, remixes etc. They get the official drunk and focused barry horowitz pat on the back.

Speaking of Suns taking days off we have freestyle fellowship's "when The sun took a day off." I am thinking he took a day off cause the sun drank too many steel reserves, but thats just like my opinion dude.
the sun took a day off

Next we keeping in theme we got some clouddead cause I want the clouds to be dead or some shit. I don't know I like this song so listen.
this about a city

Lastly we leave you with some of that late night I am gonna smoke a blunt and listen to the rain shit.
people under the stairs - san francisco - knights

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