Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Where's his hat?

Jesus didn't need know fucking gold hat why should St Elzear? That is the philosphy of Paulie Walnuts who is running the annual Feast of St. Elzer. This is an old neighborhood tradition where they close down the street for a carnival for five days, which is highlighted by the carrying of the statue of st Elzear who wears a gold hat. Their is a new father at the parish and he feels the ten thousdand dollars that Paulie is giving the church is not enough and wants fifty thousand instead. Paulie balks at the request and says fuck the hat then and they shouldn't need any more money since they seem to have plenty of money already to fight molestation cases against priests.

Elsewhere Chris's gf Keli tells him she is pregnant. She is worried he would be pissed and says she will make an appointment to get aborted , but Christ tells her to stop it and then asks her to marry him and they will make a day of it at Atlantic City. A couple days later he shows up to the bada bing with ring on finger. Tony orders a round to toast him and chrissy says just water please, and his son will be his strength.

Tony needs to go out to Pennsylvania to take care of some garbage bidness and takes Christopher along. After they get done they find a couple bikers jacking a liquor store after hours. They then in turn steal the wine from the dudes as they shout "We're the Vipers" untill Chris pulls out his gun. They exchange fire and Chris shoots a dude that looks like the old prospector. Tony and Chris celebrate and reminisce over a couple bottles of wine, as Chris flashes back to the day he told Tony that Adriana was a snitch.

Back at the fair Carmela runs into Adrian's mother who claims the FBI told her Chris killed her daughter, Carmela says she is drunk and Adrian's mom says I haven't had a drink in 5 years, its called depression. Elsewhere Chris pays off the dude that set up the hit on rusty with cash and some heroin. That dude in return gives Chris a taste which he does and trips out, think Velvet Underground's heroin track.

velvet underground - heroin

The next day at the carnival Janice is on a ride with her baby when one of the rides breaks and malfunctions, causing one kid to bust some teeth, one a broken arm, and Janice fucking up her neck. Choo Choo chain Bobby goes to visit the owner of the ride the next morning to demand 25,000 for not making sure the ride was safe, the redneck tells him he had told Paulie the ride needed to be fixed but he didn't care. So bobby shows up at the fair yelling at Paulie that everyone wants to make a buck but you don't scrimp on safety. At Chris's bachelor party Tony tells Paulie he needs to squash this problem with Bobby. Paulie agrees to and tells Tony he might have colon cancer.

The show ends with Paulie going to his moms retirement home after cursing her out at the fair, and sitting down to watch a television program with her.

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