Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Go stupid, dumb, and hyphy

my new column is out in the Wire this week focusing on that hyphy and baile funk shit. You can find it here
Go Dumb

And that top 5 shit is as busted as the gauntlet's beth(copy and paste done got me and yes I know it should read shadow with three freaks and e-40 with "tell me when to go") So here is the drunk and focused remix of that top 5 list

First up here is a few thangs on tell me when to go with E-40 and keak da sneak. I am saying for now on when you come to Scissor Test you have to ghost ride the whip down state street or you won't be able to get in.
making the video

Tell me When to Go Remix

Next is the Shadow produced Three Freaks with Keak Da Sneak and Turf Talk, which I posted up here a while back so if you missed it then here's another chance
dj shadow ft. keak da sneak and turf talk - three freaks

Now I was gonna post the before mentioned federline track, I mean I think disco d is solid on production but Kevin Federline is fucking wack. I mean props on banging britney but that doesn't make you a rapper. Your no big daddy kane, cause not only did he bang madonna, he could rap his fucking ass off. And because his song is fucking wack here is what he bit and how the song should sound


Next is Bonde de role and their track Funk Da Esfiha
Funk da Esfiha

And here is 2 live crew's doo wah diddy so you can have you choice version of the old doo wah diddy hit in miami bass or baile funk style
2 live crew - doo wah diddy

And here is some more of that hyphy shit
federation - go dumb remix

mistah fab - stupid, dumb, hyphy

Ever wonder the difference between hyphy and thizzin?
yay area slang

Last here is a good blog to get hyphy shit, at least when it was updated (dude hasn't posted since the end of 2005), but this dude used to have all the hyphy shit on lock and is definitely recommended to check out and still get a bunch of shit from the end of 2005
get stoopid

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