Monday, March 27, 2006

and introducing the Pork Star Killa....noone gettin iller

First things first I have never seen someone go from a big huge fatass, to just plain old fatass and go on a power trip like brokeback vito. Hell do you think after subway Jarrod lost all his weight that he pulled a power move on becoming manager at the blockbuster store he was working at? The show starts off this week with brokeback vito giving good ol wing tips paulie a tip and some info on a dominican money laundering spot. Vito said it would be empty but when they get to the spot there are three dudes that need to be disposed of and one before he is slaughtered gives Paulie a hard knee to his walnuts, but its all worth it cause the score is for nearly a million dollars.

Chris and bobby then confront AJ about him trying to buy a gun and telling him he can't go there. We then return to tony dreaming he is Kevin Finnerty and finding a summons to appear in court for the Buddhist monetary heating incident. Tony goes to the Monastery and tries in vain once again to explain who he really is to no avail. He then returns to the bar and tells the bartender he was diagnosed with Alzheimer's and maybe he really is kevin finnerty. Back in his hotel room tony finds a invitation to the Finnerty family reunion when on the phone with his wife, who he's unable to tell that he was diagnosed with alzheimers.

Chris also wants to get back into the movies with an idea of Saw meets the godfather. He is partners with Little Carmine and wants each of the captains to invest in the movie that was written by JT, the writer dude from previous seasons that owed chris a ton of money from gambling debts. After Vinny Delpino (y'all realize that this mafia driver used to be on Doogie Howser MD, and I am saying NPH would never do that) roughhouse jt out of a class he is teaching on writing and into a jeep where chris is waiting for him. Chris tells Jt he needs to write a screen play for him to wipe out the gambling debts he is owed. JT then pitches Chris's movie idea to the "investors" of what chris calls a story of a "wise guy with a big mouth, and bigger dreams."

Carmela finally loses it after seeing a tabloid tv show with footage of Aj and them misquoting him as saying, "Growing up Soprano , it's just plain weird." She calls him a cross to bear and the after that incident, the next day she goes see Dr. melfi. During the therapy she says she knew exactly what she was getting into when she married Tony, but worries and feels guilty for making it seem alright to her children how Tony makes his money. She even questions if she truly even loves tony.

Silvio can't handle the pressure of being the boss, and his asthma is taking a toll on him. After a late night visit from bobby who needed a ruling on a issue of territory with Vito, Sil has a viscous asthma attack and the next morning he needs to be rushed to the hospital. Bobby seeing Silvio on the stretcher doesn't ask how he is, but instead says he never called him in the morning to tell him what he had ruled on his and vito's dispute.

Paulie visits Tony and starts talking nonsense about all of his problems and he is getting older etc, etc, etc, as Tony's blood pressure rise. FInally he goes into cardiac arrest as we cut back to him dreaming and slamming on the wall for the next door neighbor to shut up as he is getting directions to the reunion, and they tell him to follow the weird light he has noticed throughout his dream. When he gets to the house he is welcomed by host who is Tony V (Steve buscemi) who says they have been waiting for him, and everyone is already inside. Buscemi then tries to take Tony's briefcase but tony holds steadfast to it and says his all his business is in their (which is odd since it is Kevin Finnerty's briefcase) and keeps hearing a faint girl's voice going, "Don't go daddy...don't go"

Back in the ICU we see meadow calling out for Tony not to go as Tony finally comes back to life and opens his eyes. Tony is back which makes Vito and Paulie realize they need to give the 100,000 tribute from the score to Carmela for Tony, after both were trying to avoid it if Tony was going to die, showing their true colors. Carmela see's through the timing of the gift and realizes they only gave the money up become Tony was back.

Now for some of that rhethorical shit

Does anyone else think Carmela look's like a bird? MY roommate keeps harping on that. I am saying eddie falco is getting hated on severe these days, especially the non make up look.

How long before fin shoots brokeback vito after he makes one too many passes on him?

Did silvio remind anyone else of mikey from the gooniees in this episode? I am saying tv has not seen this much inhaler use since mikey was hunting buried treasure.

Anyone else wish goonies and sopranos alum, Joe Pantoliano made an appereance in Tony's dream? Or do you think he was too busy promoting Larry the Cable Guy's new movie?

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