Monday, March 27, 2006

Everything is cool in an awkward interview

First things first en p is the jarobi of drunk and focused (and side note I don't care what anyone says Tribe's Love movement fucking sucked), I am saying I should have ghost written his last post like a Lil Wayne record cause I had to school him on that new mobb deep shit (and you still forgot to post the newest joint), I am saying keep that old man of the mountain out ya mouth and keep your nose to the trl grind, or I'll pull a wu tang and cut your ass off and leave you driving cabs for a living like cappadonna (or worst send you back to your previous life as a doorman and that dude justin ain't as generous as ghost face, you won't be able to carry for him after getting cut off)

Now that some side bidness has been taking care of it's on to the season finale of the gauntlet. They start off with the final gauntlet of the year between derrick and timmy in a reverse tug of war. Timmy knocks out derrick ending his run as captain, and conversely making him lose out on a shitload of money. The final mission is broke down into three missions where each team has 250 coins of jew err pirate gold (cartman moment).

Each team has the same idea and decide to try to stack a mission and put all their chips in for one. The veterans choose the eating competition and the rookies go with the relay race with Landon, Mj and Alton.. The eating competition is first and the veterans send up all but two of their players for it, while the rookies counter with one less with a four man team. Than out of the blue the girl that every rookie thought should had gone home, IBis, eats about 10 pounds of roti by herself as the rookies eek out the victory after a whole lot of bitching and complaining. At first the veterans thought they had won but Mormon julie still had food in her mouth as wee man went to the replay to decided the photo finish. I am saying I know Julie is mormon and all but you really have to swallow if you want to get paid. Since the veterans bet all their money on this mission and lost they decided to give up the rest of the competition and tell the rookies they won. Then it ends. And the worst gauntlet in mtv history is mercifully over. I watched 10 minutes of the reunion special and Cara and kina argued. Then after the show both agreed to do a playboy shoot together with Pumpkin and New York from Flavor of love. Bitch ass Randy was seen crying in the background.

Now to cleanse my soul from that gauntlet nonsense here is some of that rap music

First up is a new track from Too short ft. Bun B and 50 Cent and it is dedicated to that BIOOOTCCHHHHH erica from dover soul

I'm a pimp

Next up is some new mobb deep flipping the same cybotron sample as missy's last song

Everything's cool

Lastly a dope track from mark b

u like that

Finally we leave you with some Kraftwerk


most awkward interview ever

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