Monday, March 20, 2006

I'm gonna put a bullet in his fucking mummy head

Sopranos have came back with fucking vengeance and this episode does not disappoint at all. The show opens with tony waking up in a random hotel room and heading to a bar. He calls his home and is greeted by answering machine of two young kids, not aj or meadow, saying hi you've reach the sopranos. The next morning Tony goes to sign into a business conference and realizes he has the wrong wallet and briefcase. He realizes he grabbed the wrong one at the bar the night before and this wallet and briefcase belong to Kevin Finnerty, a solar heating system salesman. Tony heads back to the bar hoping he can find Finnerty but has no luck, a group of fellow businessman hear about his stroke of bad luck and invite him over to their table for dinner, where we find out Tony has one various awards for his salesmanship. After they finish with dinner, Tony attempts to pick up a women from the group, at first she is into it, but then stops suddenly because she can't do it because she knows how much Tony loves his wife from the way his face was after he got off the phone with her earlier, and Tony knows this is true and even comments how he couldn't make an affair occur (side rant coming up) I love how they brought in this alternate life tale to begin the show while Tony is in the coma. Its a weird look into what Tony could have been like if everything was different. Its the same tony but not, it reminds me of what happened to ray liota's character in goodfellas after he went in the witness protection program, you see tony as average, law abiding, vulnerable man, who can't catch a break.

A helicopter light shines down onto tony and as he looks up at the searchlight we are brought back to the ICU at the hospital where Tony is being worked on by doctors with Carmela and Meadow at his side. Carmela asks the doc if he knows he is dying and doctor replies he is unsure. I figured this was going to be a weak gun shot and tony would be fine at the beginning of this episode but it turns out the gun shot damaged his internal organs and he is in a coma, on a ventilator and his chance of survival is not good, and even if he does survive their is a high chance of brain damage.

They cut back to respectable business man tony who uses Finnerty's credit card to check into a hotel, when he checks in a couple of buddhist monks(no wu tang) overhear that he is Kevin Finnerty and approach him to complain about a faulty heating system he installed in their monastery, Tony tries to explain that he is not Finnerty, but they don't believe him and one of the monks slaps Tony across the face and they begin to shove each other, it quickly gets broken up (after tony falls over a bell hop baggage carrier) and the Buddhist monks run off. The next morning tony goes to use the elevator but it is out of order with a stuffed teddy bear holding a "Bear With Us" sign. Tony takes the stairs but trips and knocks himself out. Then we are brought back to the ICU where the doctors tell Carmela to prepare for the chance of brain damage, and Janice visits and has a dramatic breakdown. They cut to Junior who is being interviewed by a pyschologist to see if he is mentally fit, when asked about the Tony shooting he claims if anyone shot tony, it was tony since he was a depression case. Gene's Funeral is then shown and we see a meeting of the captains where Vito causes trouble by bringing up the issue of who takes over Gene's sports booking racket, and why Bobby wasn't babysitting Junior that night instead of Tony.

AJ finally stays with his father overnight, after avoiding it for the first few days. As he is leaving he talks to tony and tells him he will get revenge for him on Junior and will, "put a bullet in his fucking mummy head. I promise." As he leaves the hospital room carmela praises him for finally manning up and staying with his father, well until AJ informs her that he flunked out of school. Carmela's face drops as she replies, "My God with your father in a coma."

The show ends with businessman Tony in the Hospital after his spill down the stairs. He has a mild concussion, but the real diagnosis was Tony had alzheimer's disease. Tony then returns to his hotel room and picks up the phone, but can't get himself to dial home as the show ends.

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