Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Is Beat Pervert Going to Touch it or Not?

With Beat Pervert trying to drop some ish on the disrespectful tip he did not realize how much he dissed himself. If I am the Jarobi of DAF, that would make him Q-tip; which means he'll start his career off with some respected shit then end it by falling the fuck off with pseudo club tracks like "breathe and stop" or whatever the fuck that sorry shit Q-tip released a few years back. So, Beat Pervert you can keep pleasing your hipster fans at Tuesday Scissor Test with E-40 records but don't forget the closest you're getting to the Bay is your 20 minute drive from Dover to Portsmouth when you get to cross the Great Bay Reserve.

Now that that business is taken care of I can post some new music.

When I first heard this song, Webbie was on it. Webbie sucks so I was like this song sucks. I found out Lil Wayne is going to be on the album version of Cam's new album so I got all excited and downloaded it. I like the concept of the song, cus honestly we've all been through this, is she going to touch it or not?

Camron Ft. Lil Wayne - "Touch it or Not" (radio edit)

Not being a big fan of DMX for any reasons other than nostalgia purposes (listening to him in middle school) I saw he had a new single and a new album? This song is pretty boring and I don't like Swizz Beatz. If you like Swizz, this is a pretty standard "Swizz" beat and it sounds just like everything else they have ever done. But now they're "in here!!"

DMX - "We in Here"

This song here has a dope video and interesting production from Mannie Fresh. Pimp and Bun are nice over a beat that complements their styles well.

T.I. Ft. UGK - "Front Back"

You remember Bonecrusher, right? Maybe not.. he did some shit a couple years ago and has been pretty much under the radar. The only thing that attracted me to even check this track out was the "Ft. Chamillionare" part, but I was let down by Chamillionare's weak half assed verse.

Bonecrusher ft. Chamillionare - "Get up on It"

This song I keep hearing on the radio late at night and I like it because I think to myself "shit, everyday I'm hustling." If your hustle is going to class, cutting hair, being a bellman for 8$ an hr. and hitting my 3's when I'm open then everyday I am indeed hustling.

Rick Ross - "Hustling"

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