Thursday, March 09, 2006

Chicken...that doesn't taste like tastes like soup

First things first I was about to congratulate En P for truly being drunk and focused after his cell phone slam dunk after two bottles of merlot, than I reread and saw it was two glasses. Two glasses is what a girl drinks for a buzz, and that is only because they have smaller brains than men and thus get drunk easier (its science you can look it up). En P is officially the official "drunk and focused weed carrier who carries the weed in a purse". And if you don't understand the term weed carrier go to for a full and detailed report on hip hop's greatest weed carriers. salute to weedcarriers For example back in the day I would have held for B2, now he would hold for me, think current day Jay Z and Jaz O, or for the rasslin heads Triple H and Ric Flair now. Anyway since en p needs to keep his sally in check, here is some more project pat with hopes he will be able to man up and get to two bottles soon.
Project Pat - that drank

Now since that is cleared up here is possible the greatest snl sketcth to never make air. I think I have watched this skit at least once a day for the last week and half and made my gf want to kill me cause I kept answering all her questions with the phrase, "chicken...that doesn't taste like tastes like soup."
The Old Prospector Gus Chiggins

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