Tuesday, March 14, 2006

calm ya ass down...new mix is up

I am going on over night drunk to the Maine and before I kill a shark or two I will leave you with the first part of the new drunk and focused mix

what drugs did you take
tangerine dream - phaedra
kid 606 vs drop the lime - exctasy motherfucker (remix)
knifehandchop vs. 0=0 - Down with technics (remix)
odd nosdam - record loop
godspeed you black emperor - sleep
The Illusion - Its so so
rakim - casualities of war (militant remix)
siquor ros - baba ti ki dido
noam chomsky - what is terrorism
boom bip -from left to right
prefuse 73 and four tet - creating cyclinical headaches
squarepusher - ultra transistor
bjork - hypberballad(dj ayres remix)
tittsworth - 4 tops

Also a little gauntlet summary. Rookies lose kina goes in for the final gauntlet and instead of picking the logical choice, the weakest player, and the girl everyone on the team thought she go in, Ibis, she picks Jillian. The gauntlet is sticky ball which is basically a cat fight where titties fly. Kina roughhouse Jillian and gets the win, as MJ says his redneck ass will be quiet pissed if they lose the gauntlet now because they lost jillian one of their best players instead of Ibis. Kina does't care because she is a selfish cunt and loves the fact she has a whipped bitch of a bf and is guranteed a spot in the finals now. Next week I am rooting for the rookies to lose and alton to destroy kina's bitch randy. I fucking hate this show

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