Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Soulja Slim

I always thought Soulja Slim was the hardest rapper on No Limit before him and P had a falling out. Today I came across a bootleg from this year and I remembered how much I liked Slim and how I completley wrote him off after he got killed a few years back.

In case you forgot about Soulja Slim here's a little reminder on what you've been missing:

Soulja Slim ft. C- Murder - "Streetz Made Me"

Soulja Slim - "Boss Man"

Soulja Slim - "From What I Was Told"

And on a side note in regarding Beat Pervert's statement about my "weed carrying"; We all know Beat Pervert is just bitter because NH has been "carrying the weed" for MA since the beginning of time.

even he got sick of living in NH

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