Monday, March 13, 2006

We can get gangsta

Anyway like rakim once said it's been a long time since the sopranos have left you, and other than the wire and curb, hbo has really not left you with another dope show to step to... The Sopranos open up with a little montage including a shot of meadow gyrating in her underwear, which means they finally have found good spot on the show for her with random t and a shots and her not talking. They also show celebrity fit club alum, and local gay mobster Vito showing off his new slimmed down figure. I am saying Vito loses some weight and dude thinks he is next in line to be boss. I haven't seen a fat guy go from being really fat to just kinda fat and get an ego like this since subway Jarrod, and we all know Jarrod had to get aids to help him go from fat ass to just kind of chubby. Also Aj has long hair now, I am talking eddie van halen type long hair, and to boot when they were showing scenes from previous seasons they show him smoking from a gravity bowl, not sure why this is important but it just is.
(if you don't want to know what happened on last nights show skip ahead to the end)

The show opens up a year after last season ended and Johnny Sack is still in prison which means Phil Leotardo is running his crew now, and y'all remember phil from last season and that drama with tony v and what not. Phil visits johnny in jail and tells him he is playing nice with tony and Sack assures him to do so cause they don't want world war III happening. Then they begin to feature Eugene pentagram a hell of a lot in this episode which is kinda of weird cause dude was always a bit character. Turns out he had just inherited 2 million dollars and asked tony if he could retire to Florida. Tony said he would think about it, while in the mean time Christopher orders Eugene to make a hit on a deadbeat and promises to put a good word in with tony. Elsewhere Hesh and his son in law Eli get jumped by some wap thugs that turn out to be down with Phil's crew. Hesh gets a broken nose and Eli gets a beatdown then stumbles into a taxi who does an old fashioned hit and run on him. Tony meets with phil to discuss what happened and they say they will pay 50,000 to make up for the incident with Hesh because they had no idea Eli was down with Hesh etc, and if they did know they would have never touched him. Then Tony agrees to a 65 - 35 split on Office Park. Christopher balks at why Tony would make such a deal but tony explains that he needs to keep johnny happy in jail and if johnny is happy he will keep phil on a leash. Elsewhere Gene gets the bad news from Silvio that Tony says no to Florida. He returns to his wife who bitches him out for being a pussy and tells him why don't you just shoot tony cause she knows he had killed before. Gene then gets a call and it turns out to be the FBI, we find out he is an informant and they want to now make gene their number one guy inside after Curto dropped dead right before he was going to rat out tony. Gene left with no choice hangs himself leaving the feds fresh out of rats. Tony is back at the shrinks office who calls him out on the whole Junior situation and not admitting his mom was a cruel bitch who could care less about him. When tony tries to call out Melfi on her own mother relationship she retorts, "She was controlling and manipulative at times. She also never tried to kill me." Tony is then called off a boating cruise to come look after Junior who is losing his mind. Tony tells Junior to go put in his teeth and he will cook him up some food, but Junior living out the Geto Boy's mind is playing tricks on me song in a fit of paranoia grabs a gun instead of dentures and shoots tony in the stomach and then hides in the closet as tony struggles to call 911.
Prince Paul - You Got Shot

Project Pat _ We can get gangsta

Also new mixes coming soon as I can get them off the fucking laptop and into mp3 form. Side note fuck laptops I need to go back to four tracks. Anyway here is the playlist for the mixes which should be up tonight or tomorrow

tangerine dream - phaedra
kid 606 vs drop the lime - ectasy motherfucker (remix)
knifehandchop vs. 0=0 - Down with technics (remix)
odd nosdam - record loop
godspeed you black emperor - sleep
The Illusion - Its so so
rakim - casualities of war (militant remix)
siquor ros - baba ti ki dido
noam chomsky - what is terrorism
boom bip -from left to right
prefuse 73 and four tet - creating cyclinical headaches
squarepusher - ultra transistor
bjork - hypberballad(dj ayres remix)
tittsworth - 4 tops

project pat - chickenhead
diplo - money, power, respect
lil jon - throw it up
AFX - ?
gangsta boo ft. 3 6 mafia and project pat - who we be
can - oh yeah
eat cloud - bow'd brain
themselves - this about a city...alive
david bowie - man who sold the world
kid 606 - done with the scene mogawai remix
daedelus - touch of spring
beach boys - wouldn't it be nice

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how do i get at those mixes mang? I'm writing a thesis and need some fucking tunes!