Friday, March 24, 2006

Whatcha know about drugs

New mix is done, I think this is gonna be a new weekly drunk and focused thang. Fuck pirate radio this is ninja radio. And even Omar Epps knows thats word. Anyway here is the mix, which is in the fashion of my tuesday scissor test weekly, which means its all over the place but grounded in good ol fashion rap music.

whatcha know about that

sixtoo - boxcutter emporium
jamie lidell - daddy's car (boom bip remix)
radiohead - I Will (scott matelic remix)
camron - get em girls
clouddead - dead dogs two (boards of canada remix)
project pat - googly moogly
daedelus- axe murderation
TI - what you know about that (low budget remix)
amon tobin and doubleclick - ownage
fog - check fraud (kid koala remix)
tittsworth - trixx
geto boys- Mind playing tricks on me
Too Short ft. Jay Z - Here We Go (lil jon remix)
RJD2 - Here's Whats Left
KMD - What a Niggy Know (remix)
Del - Eye Examination
JEL ft. Wise Intelligent - WMD
Charisma and Peanut Butter Wolf - Methods

Also as a special bonus cause I am that dude thats so benvolent, here are a reup of the past two mixes
what thee ho message?

good drugs

Next what the fuck is up with larry the fuckin cable guy having his own movie? Worst yet this redneck bastard cunt sold out at UNH. I am saying white people need to check themselves if they think this cracker is funny. Fuck this dude, I mean fuck em. We all know he bit his whole style from ernest. And you Larry the cable guy are no fucking ernest.

Lastly I am djing tonite in Durham,NH at Libby's for a fundraiser. For five bucks you can get your dance on as I play shit you can do the running man too. Rumor has it that my mix tape partner Evaredy will be up as well. I am saying we don't play out that much together and the last two times we have it resulted in us been banned from a club for playing hardcore rap kusic (More on that late but FUCK DOVER SOUL)and then the last time we played out a fist fought broke out a benefit show we spun. I am saying y'all been warned. Anyway here are a couple old blends we did from a mixtape from sping 2004. Its some brokeback remixes that the tigerbeat crowd loves.

Phil collins stunt 101

trick luhs da kids

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evaredy said...

what up? just downloaded some "drugs".....and it's fucking great. no fights this time.....madonna and black michael prevailed...
tell that bag at dover soul to get off the rag....welcome to the terrordome!