Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Yanni is shooting motherfuckers at a point blank range

Apparently you don't mess around with Yanni, hell even Wayne Brady tucks his chain in when Yanni comes around.
gorilla pimpin for Yanni

In honor of Yanni "layin da smack down" drunk and focused got some of that Oscar winning Three 6 Mafia and project pat
Three 6 Mafia - Ridin' on chrome

Project pat - this ain't no game

Project Pat - rinky dink

As usual its Tuesday which means the weekly Drunk and Focused Gauntlet Report. First things first the gauntlet has become depressingly boring lately. Nothing happens anymore which is leading to a bizarre job of editing by the mtv folks to try to stir up interest. This week's mission was to have each team member climb a wall with rudimentary tools(noodles, duct tape and panty hose), and be able to get all 9 members up without having any other member touch back in the pit after they have climbed over the wall. The rookies went first and used a strategy of using each other to get the first 8 people up. Problem was Landon was stuck at the bottom with no way to get up. The rookies struggle to find a way up, until the micheal jordan of the gauntlet, Alton, decides to go back on the wall and have landon climb over him as he hangs from the edge, knowing that if he falls back into the pit his team is disqualified. So of course mtv goes to commercial and comes back as the veterans walk past the rookies( the teams were sequestered during the mission so no team would have the added bonus of seeing how other team did it). But they never tell or show what happened for the rookies, and if they made it during the commercial break. The veterans start up and are soon in the same predicament as the rookies with Timmy being left at the bottom with no way to get up, but no veteran is willing to step up to risk themselves to help him, and they end up running out of time. Then mtv announces the rookies won and show a token replay of alton helping landon climb up. The alton legend grows but it is another boring gauntlet over all as the gauntlet concludes with the lame ass coconut shit with Derrick taking out Brad, yes the dude who cried after getting a wedgie during last season's inferno, pretty easily. Hopefully this show stops sucking next week when Kina finally loses her mind.

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