Wednesday, January 18, 2006

apollo creed would never wear jeans with sandals

Apparently like myself Camron don't got much respect for his elders. To start the 2006 battle season off we have camron coming after def jams head honcho jay z. Basically he calls him out for stealing the roc a fella record label, clothing line, and kayne west from dame dash. But what seems to have drawn the most ire from Cam is Jay Z's penchnt for wearing sandals. And I agree how the fuck is the suppose king of the ny gonna walk around in sandals and jeans like some pseudo hippy college girl who can't decide if she likes dick or vag yet rocking birkenstocks. I hate sandals in general and they made the list of the top ten thangs I hate about white folks:

What the fuck is the obsession with white people and showing off their ugly ass feet? Its fucking creepy I tell ya. As soon as it hits 60 and the snow starts to melt we get a bunch of hippies, burnouts, dave mathew's band fans, and bull dykes breaking out their new birkenstocks to pollute my eyesight with bunyons and corns. Hell not to mention the bastards that wear their socks with sandals. I am sorry socks with sandals never is a good look unless you want to announce to the world you are a complete douchebag. In fact anyone who wears sandals that are not at either the beach, a pool, or a showering in a dorms bathroom gets the gasface. So next time you see someone wearing sandals make sure to step on their toes and tell them what an asshole they are. This is the only way we are going to get white people to cover up their goddamn feet and stop embrassing me.

Anyway you can catch the whole list when serg puts out the new Holiday Edition of Beer and Rap zine but anyway back to the track. Anyway this track from Cam ain't bad, it ain't no bitch in you or no vaseline (two cube references one sentence and I didn't even mention that Amerikkka's most wanted now does family comedies I am saying him and queen latifia are making bryant gumbal look hood these days) but its a nice little jab to start the battle. I am assuming Jay is gonna come back at him, fake retirement or not, but anyway here is the track you can decide for yourself.
You got to love it

Also you heathens might have noticed we have a new member of the drunk and focused posse my brother b2 (thats like brother like how white people use it) Anyway other than not being a big fan of what us kids call booze he is an old head, I am saying almost as old as Jay Z, and back in the early 90's he was New Hampshire's only source for hip hop with his radio show the mothership connection (the first radio show in the state of New hampshire dedicated strictly to rap music). Now I lured him out of retirement to come dj one last time the 31st at that the tuesday scissor test. I am saying its gonna be bigger than King Kong Bundy wrestling 7 midgets. Rap music and beyond. Much more shameless promotion coming soon. But anyway come out and watch me take the crown of the king of the 603 away from his old ass like tommy the machine gun morrison should have done to rocky balboa.

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