Tuesday, January 10, 2006

If it was up to me reagan would have died in 81

Some of you might not know that I run a little weekly around the Portsmouth way called Tuesday Scissor Test which features some live shit 9-11 from some of that guitar shit rock, to wierd electronic nonsense, and hip hop music, and me playing records before and afterwards. Next tuesday that dumb ass rapper Nobs is coming to rap his ass off. You need to come out and watch him rap because allthough he might be a fucking diva it's the best rap music you will here live all year in fucking New hampshire. Anyway here is the interview I did with him and if you come out to the show the 17th you can see us bareknuckle fist fight in the parking lot after the show.

Beat Pervert: alllright first things first, who the fuck is nobs? and why should I come see him rap?

Nobs: nobs is the truth...most people come see him rap because they think people say Nas and he made "Illmatic"

BP: I heard that rumor, I also heard some other rumors, like your are the internet "super ho", I am saying a cyber pimp for real. Discuss those rumors?

nobs: its true....they call me the Gigabyte god...i dont reveal the behind the scenes stuff tho...thatll be brought out when im on VH1

BP: I like that you are aleady planning to fall off by discussing your future vh1 plans, I feel that, its what the kids call 'keepin it real.' Now whats the most keepin it real moment you had in 2005?

nobs: well ive extended the year 2005 until jan 18th so my most keepin it real moment of 2005 is when i smack u in the fuckin face

BP: I like the you predict your first ass kicking as keeping it real, I mean thats keepin it real fo sure. Now your a rapper, what do you think of rappers that are made on mtv via the show Made. I am saying I saw an uptight white girl turned into a horrible rapper right before my eyes, and she even served this dude named mc wiggles in a battle. Now my question is could you serve said female, and could you think of a worst emcee name then emcce wiggles?

nobs: its ok if women serve me...thats a womans job isnt it?? to serve man??? Wiggles....is he a fucking plush toy?

BP: Nah he has glasses and looks like your homies younger brother that could fix your computer and give you some excellent d and d strategy

nobs: i see, ummm, yea wiggles is a horrible name, my computer is kinda slow too, let him fix it.

BP: Yeah fuck wiggles he's a busta. Next white people, do you hate them or fucking hate them?

nobs: i motherfucking hate them

BP: Amen, Next if you had to bang an arnold would it be Tom, Roseanne, or the govenor of California?

nobs: how bout Kevin Arnold? just so i can get closer to Winnie Coopers fine ass

BP: First offf What you know about Fred Savage? I am saying did you see him in Rules of Attraction with Dawson Leary from the Creek as a herion junky?

nobs:yea and ill tell u straight up...since that movie i had this super crush on that dark haired girl....u know the one? that gives the professor some head? that one...i will one day marry her

BP: You mean the one that named her kid Audio Science?

nobs: huh? yea sure that one

BP: Yeah, I would bang her too even though she's a loony. Next, is there anyone you just have to diss. We at drunk and focused are usually drunk, so are readers love the nonsense of drama.

nobs: hmmm how bout "fuck you", thats enough disin for me

BP: I am taking that you meant our readers, which we do echo, so yes fuck you reader! Next question what is your liquor or beer of choice. Mine is maddog, I assume yours to be something nancy boy esque, like a Mike's Hard Lemonaid.

nobs: nah i like bud light...i dont really drink...drinking is a poor excuse for fun.
I love my beer watered down... sorta like the e-mags i do interviews for..zinggggg

BP: I hate you more than you can imagine. Finally why should people come out and see your dumb ass perform

nobs: cuz youre vouching for me? And im cool to look at

Basically I hate nobs, but he's good enough at rapping that people will come out and see him, so come out the 17th and say hi to the asshole, and no not me thats nobs you prick.

Anyway here is some links to check out his music and a new song. Basically his shit is real dope and I can't even front on that

New nobs song Sarcasm in a box and songs from his label.

Sarcasm in a box your dumb motherfuckers need to listen to, dude is funny and even if he does vote tom cruise for president.

Speaking of scissor test tonite's music features that dude justin, yes that dude justin. His band is the antithesisters and you can find them here
antithesisters - if you like there music spell their band name wrong.

So when you wonder why justin never posts, other than he hates all of you, he is probaly playing rock n roll music. Hey aww damn likes them, why wouldn't you
Prime Cuts & Schmaltz Liquor. Speaking of her, her radio show is on tonite 7-8, pacific time.

All also perfroming tonite is that wierdo dealate corvus
dealate corvus.
Some real real good electronic shit, drunk and focused highly reccomends him and the bow'd brain track.

Last is a live performance from the antithesisters, plus dealate corvus and sparky called Who Killed the Red baron live from the scissor test.
who the fuck killed that damn red baron?

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