Tuesday, January 10, 2006

The gauntlet maybe drunk but it ain't focused

I am saying this happy go lucky gauntlet shit needs to end. Remember E's Kill Reality show? Yeah Johnny Fairplay shit in someone's bed, this gauntlet ain't shit happening other than Jo going fucking crazy. This week the big drama is the impending showdown between a dude who got the worse atomic wedgie in the history of reality tv brad and little man derrick. Basically these two are like third graders in love who get off teasing each other. I am saying they will be a showdown between them and the gauntlet and it will be about as exciting as tommy the machine gun morrison versus rocky, in rocky 5. The mission was to use your bodies to paint blank canvases, and this was all done in speedo, so we get to see characters such as Babbabooyey ain't fessin (thats adam by the way you know linonel ritchies bandmate's son) in all the glory, not to mention titties gyrating everywhere. Anyway long mission short the veterans win. Alton chooses babbaboy ain't fessin to the gauntlet, I am saying this is embrassing the way alton is running through his competition this is like when the wwf used to feed a bunch of jobbers to the new guy in the company, think Ultimate Warrior's heyday before he became a complete fucking lunatic. The gauntlet is captain's choice and alton not wanted to embarass babbabooyey ain't fessin decides to beat him in a capture the flag match. Alton fucking crushes him and babbabooyey ain't fessin is sent home. End gauntlet. Next week I become even more embarassed for watching this shit.

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