Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Take away 7 divide h plus g = add n to (x)

Anyway today we are dealing with Add N to (x). It is real synthy and droney, with a lot of big buildups, kinda like god speed if they loved human league and had half the attention span. If this albulm was a sex move it would be the Endless Planet rock, an Endless Planet Rock is when you take some viagra and sit in a swivel chair and proceed to have as many sexaul encounters as possible in a night, all while rotating around in your chair screaming, "I am the sun bitch." Anyway I really like this shit and well you should too. I am gonna post a few mp3s of their albulm Avant Hard, its my favorite albulms of theirs but y'all should check out their other shit as well, its quality. Anyway here is building 19 sponsored free shit (and if anybody gets the building 19 reference I will give them a free mixtape.)

buckminister fuller

revenge of the black regent

oh yeah oh no


Next up over to the Anticon site and dl the new jel track and check out the alias and why> videos, I am saying you won't be dissapointed
Catch them before they fall off
Next is some live shit from the anticon posse

do it real live like

Lastly fuck an oil pan. Over 300 bucks is ruthless and all I wanted was a 28 dollar oil change.

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