Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Star Child here to bring you the good times on the mothership

In the next week Drunk and Focused will be going overboard dumb crazy for this party coming up featuring the return of the Original Mothership Connection the 31st live in effect at the Tuesday Scissor Test in Portsmouth. And for you late comers this was the first and only radio show dedicated to hip hop in new hampshire back in the early 90's. The show was started by the latest member of the drunk and focused posse b2, who I coerced out of retirement to play out one last time.(I am saying I taunted him with constant chants of you fell off! you fell off! you fell off! etc until he finally had to prove he still got, think Rocky 4) I am saying that fool will be in effect and word on the street some suprise guests are in the works. Also I been putting in some work for a mix for y'all that will bring the mothership connection into 2006 with b-more club, electro, failo funk, that houston and hyphy shit, and of course some of that rap and wierd shit for the kids. Keeping with the wrestling theme this is Bret Hart versus Stone Cold Steve Austin. Sure everyoned loved bret hart and nobody would ever doubt his skills or talent, but a little thing happend in the late 90's he fell off, just like most of my favorite rappers. And this upstart who drank beer and was the craziest son of a bitch this side of 0-dog challenged his reign on the top.

Although austin was supposed to be the bad guy, the fans cheered for him and booed the old school legend Bret hart. Well they finally had a ridicosouly good match at wrestlemania which bret hart did win. However after that everyone knew Austin was going to be the new king and sure enough bret hart did leave soon after the montreal screw job, and a year or so later Steve Austin is the biggest wrestler of all time. So I am saying come out tuesday and pay your last respects to B2, cause I am taking over the throne homey.

Now onto some mp3s for the kids. First things first here is the inspiration for the mothership connection
parliament-funkadelic -mothership connection

Next hardcore Mothership Connection fans might remember the show which featured the first radio apperance of an 11 year old little brother who would turn out to be the crack known as beat pervert. This show did it really big because it was the first apperance of me on the scene and it sparked an entire easy coast-west coast rivarly (arguably) when I uttered the famous words in 1993 that the West Coast Was Wack. (If I can find the old tape I will post up the entire show). I am saying I was young, PMD had just done a horrible trackin the g funk steez, and unlike today, NYC shit was still on point. Anyway here is dr. dre 's Let Me Ride which even the laziest of beat diggin nerds should recgonize.
dr Dre - Let Me Ride

And lastly we had to have a diss track cause b2's reign on the top was short like leprachauns. Anyway here is Eazy E whose who was living proof you should be never fuck with out a condom.
Eazy E - Real Motherfuckin G's

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