Tuesday, January 17, 2006

By gawd...he hit him with a coconut

Last night on the gauntlet was kinda unexpected as possibly the most hated gauntlet member in the history of the show Beth took over the captain's position. She is the Roddy roddy piper of the challenges and she should have her own segment on the show where she interviews a member of the gauntlet to talk trash and create more useless drama. Her feud with Montana could end with an Irate Montana coming out of no where to hit her over the head with a coconut.

Anyway here is how all it went down, The challenge this week was a rickshaw race where 6 runners on each team would have to run around a quarter mile track one time carrying two team members. The veterans since they have more players were allowed to sit two people. Syrus was their first cause he had the biggiest belly and is about 47 so him running ain't a good look. The next logical choice was Beth because she weighed the most, but she also was one of the best runners which montana was able to use to manipilate the situation to get her old ass to sit out. Anyway in the mission the veterans get smoked and lose. They decide since beth is a cunt she should go into the gauntlet. The gauntlet challenge was challengers choice and since beth outweighed ruthy by a good 40 pounds she chose reverse tug of war. Then in the upset of the year and to the joy of the rookie team and the horrow of the veterans beth destroyed ruthy to become captain. After the win Montana says they should be friends because there both in their 30's and the ugliest people on the show. It was heart warming.

Next week the rookies fuck up team chemistry by making an alliance and the debut of Beth's Pit.

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