Friday, January 13, 2006

I found it out at the barbershop

Yo Shout out to Stony Brook Girl's Basketball team and on of their coaches, that one that kinda looked like rosario dawson (if Rosario Dawson was a light skinned black girl that was about 5'11) . Them fools are in town to run UNH, I am saying the worst D 1 basketball in the nation is found at the University of New Hampshire, the teams have won about a combined 20 games in the last 10 years. Anyway its fun to find a jawn at a martini bar in NH going crazy dumb for dipset shit and b-more and baile funk but it was going down and Erica gets much love from the drunk and focused posse. Hell half my set now is b-more and baile funk shit and I am saying nothing is higher on the unintentional comedy scale then 40 year old white dudes gyrating to b-more club and dudes rapping in portuguesse (well other than when a dude tries to pick up a girl for an hour including buying her drinks to find out she has a bf on the UNH Hockey team, I saw that shit go down last night, hell thats half the fun of djing at a swanky spot is watching the dudes make asses out of themselves to pick up young girls). Anyway here some of them mp3s you kids seem to love

First things first download this song instead of the new K Federline single, its the same basic beat but done by dudes from brasil and not Pat Boone.

Next take a little b-more and baile, add a twist of some cheesiness, and what you got? This new track from Paul Devro which is pretty damn bad ass, its been a good month for this man, first an excellent mix for the lemon red series, then a nice litle dance track here. Plus I like him because he looks out of his mind stoned in his lemon red photo.
paul devro - lodi dodi dee

Anyway this is for all the fine girls of this world
frank ski - whores in the house

Lastly here is a little Ross Hogg Blend of Five Deez's funky. Its real nice, so listen, then go dumb. Speaking of new dumb shit new Slump and Grind 2 Dropping soon, I am saying the bay plus B Cause and Ross Hogg = shit you need to get it five deez - funky drop a bomb reblend

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