Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Ron Artest would be the sane one in the Gauntlet

The big news on the gauntlet was the supposed alliance between playboy's finest cara and the wholesome whore suzi with some of the veteran dudes to throw missions. Basically it boils down to cara and suzi are fucking some of the veterans and in between dicks in the mouth the dudes convinced them to form an alliance. Well they tried to get jillian into the alliance, but they done picked the wrong cunt, cause jillian went straight to kina with the news of what was going down. Anyway the mission for this week was a test of strength which was to first push a big wooden ball to one side of a field, then have two team members push a truck with the rest of the team to the other side, then have the whole team put a shit load of cement blocks into said truck and then push it back to the other side. The mission starts and the veterans wooden ball breaks and they fall behind. The rookies take the lead but the veterans are able to catch up when they start putting the cement blocks into the trucks before the last leg of the mission. It's a dead heat and none of the two man teams are able to move the trucks with cement (side not I am saying who designed this fucking mission? Two people to push so much weight ain't a good look) MTV realizing that none of the teams are going anywhere decided to add two additional people, and surprisingly both cara and suzy suddenly want to step up to help the team, hmmm for all the missions prior both these girls stuck to the background like no one's business, but suddenly they all for "helping" the team? The rookies dismiss their wants and end up winning the race when the veterans can't push their car an inch, and blame the driver ace for keeping it in neutral and not putting it in clutch (side note ummm I am so dumb when it comes to cars but I am pretty sure neutral will allow it to roll if the people pushing it were not pussies.) Anyway the gauntlet comes up and ace volunteers himself saying he fucked up. The gauntlet was beach brawl which is basically a wrestling match. Since derrick is 5'2, Ace was not able to get underneath him and loses the gauntlet and is eliminated. The show ends with the rookies calling out Suzy and Cara for making an alliance and them trying their hardest to act like they have no idea what's going on while lying through their teeth.

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