Friday, January 27, 2006

Keep Dancing P...You Keep Dancing

The greatest moment in television history is looming. Its gonna feature mild mannered Percy Miller, semi-pro ball player and amatuer ball room dancer, meeting his destiny.
Master P your the best!
The montage begins as the Karate kid theme music "Your the Best...Your the best...Nothing is gonna get you down..." blasts in the background as a ballroom dancing studio opens up. P. Miller is in the middle messing up steps...we skip to the scene where the judge tells him to wear ballroom dancing shoes and a sobbing miller is found backstage saying I just want to dance...just dance. Next scene is master p dancing in Russia over snow peaks while he is carrying bricks on his back and dancing... just dancing. Soon we see him defeating his Russian nemesis in a dance off and we know he is now ready to conquer his destiny as the second champion on Dancing with the Stars! Now were back to present and guess what destiny is looming and Master P will overcome all his adversity to finally fulfill his destiny as a dancing champion. It will be beautiful I will shed a tear, doves will cry, prince will nail a jump shot, and Ronald McDonald will sodomize the hamburgelar, it will be the greatest day in American History and this why Master P is the second winner of the weekly Barry Horowitz Pat on the Back Appreciation award. America thanks you percy miller, your courage is needed in these trying times.

In honor of Percy Miller we have two master P tracks one is a remix from zilla (he did the warp mix cd with buddy peace that came with the dvd , which you should have bought just for the cd cause its just that damn good) and bout it bout, cause p miller is bout it bout when it comes to dancing. I am saying Kevin Bacon ain't shit compared to P Miller.

Master P - I need dubs (zilla remix)

master p - bout it bout it

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