Monday, January 23, 2006

me and nas holding hands down memory lane

I want to talk you back to a young and innocent time in the life of B2 the Baptist. It was the mid-70's...Bruno Samartino was the WWF champion, Jake Plummer was growing up in the backwoods of Idaho, and the Pittsburgh Steelers were dominating the NFL winning four Super bowls during that decade. As a child I loved the Steelers and I even had the pajamas to prove it. Now, picture that cute-as-pie image of little B2 running around the house in mustard yellow feetie pajamas. I know, I know, priceless. Needless to say I was feeling rather nostalgic as I watched Sunday's AFC title game. I think Beat Pervert already addressed that topic of how the Bronco's collapsed so we can move on to another area of nostalgia.
Coming up on the last day of the month we will have the return of the Mothership Connection making a live appearance at the Red Door in Portsmouth. B2 the Baptist will bring back many of the beloved hip hop tracks of the early '90s along with a few surprises. Rumor has it that my original sidekick KC will make an appearance. The Mothership Connection still airs every Wed night on WUNH 91.3, but we all know who made it famous.
Hey Beat Pervert, are you sure it wasn't Del the funke homosapian who taught you about growing your hair? And stop stealing your ideas from the Sports Guy or I'll get Isiah on your ass.
B2 the Baptist

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