Saturday, January 07, 2006

Bobby the brain heenan said drunk focused should be the champ

We Back. Thats all. I am saying we focused, we ain't falling off, and even if we do blow up we ain't going pop. First things first y'all need to pop over to lemon red's site and peep the exclusive mp3 he threw up off Diplo's new label Mad Decent. Its dope; thats all you need to know. And the only way you gonna hear the other two songs that arecoming out next month in this great state of the 603 is to come see me dj, I am saying like Juelz I got that crack and I yes its off the "chains."
Lemon Red.

Next up y'all hear Ahhnold fell of his bike injuring himself and his son. Like I always say, Nazi son's can't ride bikes, and once again my logic proves to be sound. To tie in Arnold and brasil funk we have disco d's Arnold in Brasil. Disco D also did the new K Federline track, and allthough I am quick to hate, I will refrain till I actually hear the track, but rumor mill has that at least the beat is good and its done in brasil funk steez.
Ahhnold in brasil.

Next is Rocky brasilian style for my older brother who will be dusting off his headphones one last time to dj with me at the end of the month for a party done really big and yes more on that later.
Even South Americans believe in the power of rocky.

Sometimes I just want to dance. I mean fuck it, get your drank on and pull an Elaine on the dancefloor. So in honor of that we have this dude out of Alaska, yes Alaska. Shit I am in New Hampshire, I feel a kinship with him for living in states covered in snow and white folks. So I am posting up a nice remix he did of diplo's remix of golddigger.
diplo - gold digger (curtis vodka remix).

And to continue with the dancing theme here is a really nice b-more style track from dj ayres and The Jeffersons remixed b-more style by tittsworyth, whose last ep was fucking killing it. If your a fan of b-more shit be on the lookout for that dude cause he's quality.
dj ayres - broke ass home.

Jefferson's tittsworth remix.

Lastly we know some of you readers out there need a little help with the ladies so we bring to you a dude by the name of Flan Diggity, a professional lady killer.

I ain't lying this dude even printed out business cards with the title "Flan's Love Nest it's Flan-tastic!" And the name Flan Diggity, Professional Lady Killer, and even more he gives out his addresss PO box 703 Saco, ME 04072, his number 207-423 - 4882 and his email I am saying you having girl troubles you call this schmuck and he solves them, no diggety no doubt. In honor of Flan Diggity here is some R Kelly whose ready to toss your salad... while making love ( I am saying he is fucking classy!)
R Kelly - No Homo?.

sex in the kitchen.

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