Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Gazzo won't be wise to nuthin'

There's been a lot of vile and nasty talk stemming from the pages of Drunk and Focused. I am here to give the fans of D & F a respite from the typical hooligan-esque aspects of Beat Perverts rants. I am B2 the Baptist, and I am here to cleanse your soul. Most importantly, I am doing it for you own good.
Instead of the usual post dealing with the Mtv crowd, I would like to discuss the classics. The first classic up for discussion is actually a series of movies that raise the spirit and keep hope alive. The movies follow the ups and downs of the life of Rocky Balboa. Most of us are familiar with his tale of redemption as he comes up against great odds to be the Heavyweight Champion.

We all need teachers for the lessons in life. I feel as that I am your teacher and I want to show you some life lessons I learned from the Rocky series. Along his way to the top, Mr. Balboa had several great teachers: his manager Mickey, and his rival turned trainer, Apollo Creed. Apollo taught him how to recover the eye of the tiger. One of the best pieces of advice Mickey ever gave him was that "Women weaken legs" which he said moments after referring to Adrian as a 'pet shop dame'. That was a classic piece of advice, and instead of posting music I want you to spend the next few minutes thinking in silence of the wisdom in those words.

Finally, I would be remiss in discussing Rocky without mentioning the best mentor he had. Before Rocky made millions in the squared circle he had a job as a "Collections Agent" for a local "Business Man" named Gazzo. One time a client of Gazzo's was short on his payment. He tried to plead with Rocky not to break his thumb as that was Gazzo's order. He said that "Gazzo won't be wise to nuthin'". But Gazzo did know. And Gazzo was wise. The life lesson here is that no matter what you try to get away with, you will be caught. Remember, Gazzo is wise to everything.
I am B2 the Baptist.

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love, Tiff said...

Glad to see B2 on the drunk & focused roster. Strangely enough, my soul feels kind of cleansed now.