Friday, January 20, 2006

To be the man, whoooo, you got to beat the man the remix

Since cam and jay ain't the only feud going on we are gonna present part 2 of to be the man, whoooooo, you got to beat the man. The next feud is Bill Simmons, the sports guy, versus Isiah Thomas (you know tuss, idolized by one of them dudes in hoop dreams, unreall baller, suspect gm). The Sports Guy would be the Genius lanny Poffo, macho man's brother and the best jobber this side of Barry Horowitz (and yes you can pat yourself on the back now). Isiah Thomas would be the Ultimate warrior in 2006. You see the ultimate warrior used to be the man, hell he even beat Hulk Hogan, but now a days he is a fucking absolute lunatic, think pat buchanan on steriods. His modern day actions make no fucking sense which is a statement which can also be said for modern day isiah.

Anyway before the match The Genius used to read poetry to his opponents to show he truly was the world's smartest man, and then he would proceed to get pummelled. Well simmons would use his columns to his advantage by reading them before the match which would so enrage Tuss so much by pointing out every failure of his post nba career; including announcing, the pacers, cba, etc,that in old school warrior fashion tuss would become so enraged he would begin violenty shaking the ring ropes untill he finally wore himself with exhaustion and collapsed on his back in the middle of the ring where the sports guy will slide over for the pin and the 1 2 3.

In honor of jobbers worldwide: what up Barry Horowitz! Whats really hood mike sharpe! Queens keeps on fakin' it Brooklyn Brawler! Ohh we didn't forget you Red Rooster bird call mayne, bird call! Ohh I can't forget picking boogers with Bastion bOoger! Ahh man you'se genious for taking that beatdown Lanny Poffo! And yes the Job squad is down with us, making there opponent look good is a must, yeah their number 2!

So honor of those dudes that always seemed to catch a bad one here are some mp3s that should get the job done for you this weekend

bloc party - so here we are (four tet remix)

daedelus- a mashnote

buck 65 - centuar

clouddead - teen keen skip

Also here is a brand new remix from dealate Corvus of his track behomoth and its fucking gary busey out of this world, like skitzophrenic martians or some shit. Anyway keep an eye out for him cause he is really that dude, and he does all his shit live with no ova dubs or computers suckers. Dealate Corvus is also the first official of our now weekly Barry Horowitz pat on the back award winner. Every week the drunk and focused posse will elect one person to get the official barry horowitz pat on the back, the highest honor this side of inviting me over to a party and having me puke in your bathroom. Anwyay enjoy the track and remember there is nothing wrong with doing the job, just ask Iron Mike Sharpe.

bohemoth (666 remix)

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